Episode 100! Interview with EMyth Coach Steve Edkins

The 5 years I spent in the EMyth Mastery program with my coach Steve Edkins, altered the course of history for me.
Without it, I would still be at the mercy of my business with no life outside of it.
In this episode, I get to interview my old cold and he brilliantly demonstrates why coaching is essential to positive change in our business and personal lives!

For those who don’t know, Steve Edkins has been an EMyth Coach since 1997. Prior to being a coach, he had many diverse professional experiences, including roles in advertising and marketing, operations, sales, and sales management. His passion is to help owners see things they may not have seen before so they can make changes that give them the energy and confidence to build the businesses of their dreams.


Connect with Steve Edkins by clicking here: EMyth.com/SteveEdkins 

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